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We are one of the leading digital marketing companies that provides the best micro-influencer platform all over the world to connect brands with influencers in order to create great content. Establishing customer engagement with a brand is critical for any business’ growth. Our team of influencer marketing experts at AucourantCyberSpace(ACS) assists our clients in establishing relationships with social media influencers, bloggers, creators, and the fan base for their brands through our extensive network of connections. With the help of ACS, brands can reach the right audience by connecting with social media influencers, vloggers, bloggers, and creators.


Why Choose AucourantCyberSpace ?

Facts About Influencer Marketing

  • 60 percent of shoppers are influenced by bloggers or social media influencers when making a purchase.
  • Eighty-nine percent of brand curators believe that Influencer marketing is extremely engaging and has a wide audience reach.
  • Only 23% of marketers think influencer marketing is superior to other forms of advertising.
  • Before going shopping, 86% of women consult social media for advice on what to buy.
  • Instagram is used daily by million around the globe.

Influencer marketing process at ACS


Campaign designing

We begin by learning about the business objectives, brand positioning, and expected outcomes of the client. Once the content has been developed, our Influencer marketing specialists work on things like product reviews, social media shout-outs, and launch events.

Search Influencer

Our influencer finder tool allows our team to identify and classify the most appropriate influencer from among all the social media influencers after our research and in-depth analysis are complete. The influencer relevance, resonance, and reach are taken into consideration when making a match. The influencer network potential is measured by our team of data scientists to provide the best return on investment for our clients.

Influence analytics

In order to gain good views, traffic, brand engagement, leads, and ROI, our content creators develop the brand storey on behalf of our clients and share it with the appropriate audience To demonstrate the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign, we provide our clients with access to campaign analytics and metrics.