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How do I index my website on Google?

Google is a search engine that works automatically. Any new web page that is uploaded will be indexed by Google automatically. But, what happens if the days go by and my website still does not appear in the results? The answer is simple: notify Google manually! This process is used to index a new page or after...

influencer marketing

Tips For Influencer Marketing

Tips For Influencer Marketing Do you know what exactly "influence" is? You know people who have more “influence” than others - such as your boss, your parents or good friends. These are all people whose opinion is almost always more important to you in some way than the...

Best Email Marketing Tools

Best Email Marketing Tools

In digital marketing, sending emails with educational content, product offers, debuts, and discounts is a very effective technique. However, you'll need a platform with a lot of capabilities if you want to generate great results and engage your audience with automated emails. 1. Mailchimp    Mailchimp allows you to...

Marketing Mix

What is Marketing Mix?

The marketing mix describes the entirety of all activities defined to achieve the marketing goals. It is divided into four areas: The product policy, the pricing, the distribution policy, and the communication policy. All areas must be carefully coordinated. Product policy As part of the product policy,...

What is marketing


The term marketing implies the word market. It describes entrepreneurial planning and action that is market-oriented in order to promote sales.You can achieve a lot by carefully observing and empathizing with your potential customers. The aim of marketing is to design and offer your products or services...