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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet: What does that stand for? Easily explained

When creating a website, you will often see “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”. But what does that actually stand for? In this practical tip, we will reveal the meaning to you.

  • This text is a so-called dummy text that acts as a placeholder.
  • The text is obviously in Latin, but has no real meaning in the Latin language.
  • The text has been used for years to test the various types of text and fonts.
  • It is also used as a placeholder on web pages to see what the text looks like on the web page.
  • Good to know: This text was selected because the distribution of the letters and the overall word length are ideally reproduced with strength, appearance and important features.
  • This text is not an integral part of the language, but it is all the more anchored in the computer and internet world.

Written by: Kamal Chauhan

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